My Doctor Help, an online doctor service and medical advice company, holds live events in both English and Spanish, to meet potential members and affiliates. The presentation lasts about 20 minutes followed by another 20 minutes of questions and answers. Also, there is technical help for people who want to get started by installing the telemedicine mobile application on their cell phone and or enroll online. Team members of our online doctor service and medical advice company will help you enroll at the event.

My Doctor Help, an online doctor and medical advice company, is offering a FREE travel savings voucher to those who stay for the presentation. The voucher entitles 2-4 guests to access the lowest possible prices for hotels, all inclusive resorts, cruises, flights and more. There are no blackout restrictions/dates, sales/timeshare presentations, or any other catches or fees besides an activation fee of either $30 or $50. Vouchers will be redeemable for a month and good for travel within the next year from the presentation. The guarantee is that guests will have their voucher extended a year and price matched should they find travel savings less online.