How It Works

Step 1

Enroll as a partner or a member Your first member will be you if you become a partner/affiliate.

Step 2

Login into the portal and complete the medical record questionnaire after you verify your email address and establish your password.

Step 3

Enjoy the feeling of unlimited access to board certified and licensed doctors in Puerto Rico and all states except Arkansas*.

Step 4

Check your email for your vacation savings voucher, which is good for travel at most popular destinations worldwide.

With My Doctor Help you can enjoy the convenience of getting an online medical diagnosis with our doctor services. If you need assistance with bills, you can join our Patient Advocate Program at no extra fee. All doctors are licensed and board certified to provide online medical diagnosis services. Many are relieved and happier to earn extra income away from their offices, after normal business hours and or working remotely.

* Arkansas is the only state where the service is not available yet.

Health Advocacy


Our Patient Advocate Program is available for members AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. A patient advocate will be assigned to work with you, if you qualify, after a call with member services. Your advocate will discuss your situation, make recommendations and work with providers on your behalf, to find solutions for the remaining balance on your medical bills.

Our Patient Advocate Program is just one unique aspect of My Doctor Help. We also offer online medical diagnosis services when you can’t make it to an appointment and our doctors are always ready to help.

*Example: Member may have a $100 and $10,000 bill. 5% savings on the $100 bill and 55% on the $10,000 bill, equals an average savings of 30% per bill. The total savings would be $5,505 or more than 50%.

Reconciling medical bills may be difficult and time consuming for many people.

  • We mediate patients’ bills between patients and providers
  • We educate patients on their options
  • We pursue Medicaid and charity care qualification
  • We negotiate discounted settlements and payment plans
  • 30%+ average savings per bill
  • 50% total savings on bill dollars*
  • 75% success on bill reduction
  • 40-60 days to complete average case