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Convenient care when you NEED it most!


You and your family

  • 1. Will save time and money on expensive & unnecessary emergency room or urgent care visits with our online doctor consultations.
  • 2. Will feel more confident that you have access to a doctor all day & every day.
  • 3. May use the service from where you live, work or when traveling
  • 4. Will not have to sit in a waiting room full of sick people.

It is like having a doctor in your pocket!


Members of our telemedicine provider can call (800) 611-5601 or log in to portal to schedule an online consultation with a licensed doctor in their state.


Member speaks with a Care Coordinator, who will triage and update the Electronic Health Record (EHR).


Member consults with a doctor online, who recommends a treatment plan. Prescription sent to members selected pharmacy.


Doctors update member's EHR immediately after consultations. Patients have 24/7 secure access to their member portal.

My Doctor Help is a telemedicine provider that offers online doctor consultations for members who are unable to visit a clinic or need general medical advice.

Common conditions we prescribe medication for quick and effective virtual care!

Cold & Flu

Pink Eye

Skin Irritation/Rash

Urinary Tract Infection




Sore Throat

Medical statistics


of most doctors' offices are closed after 6pm.

4 hours

Average time in emergency waiting room.


Average number of days to schedule a doctor appointment.


of emergency room visits are non-emergency.